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Gravity-Defying Lacy Teddy

Sexy, revealing playsuit lingerie for women

The Gravity-Defying Lacy Teddy challenges the forces of nature by wrapping your breasts under the frilly material and holding them there – with visually stunning results! Forming a sexy T shape at the front and coming around and between your buttocks and up over your back, this is a jaw-dropping playsuit that really heats up foreplay, whether you're seducing someone on a first date or spicing up things in the bedroom with a long-term partner.

Specs and Features:

  • Sexy, revealing playsuit lingerie for women
  • Frilly and lacy
  • Color: purple
  • Size: M
  • Bust: 78-88 cm (31-35")
  • Waist: 58-70 cm (23-28")
  • Height: 87-95 cm (34-37")
  • Shoes not included
US$ 35