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Girl's Panties Miyuki Sakura

Cut anime idol underwear

US$ 21

This shrine maiden invites you to have a closer look at her holy place. The Girl's Panties Miyuki Sakura are for anyone who appreciates the erotic aspects of traditional Japanese culture. The cute pink stripes and ruffled lace make these young lady's panties exciting to unpack and even more exciting to use. Enjoy them by themselves or in combination with a doll, onahole, or partner.

Girls Panties Miyuki Sakura
Girls Panties Miyuki Sakura

The Girl's Panties Miyuki Sakura features:

  • Anime shrine maiden fetish
  • Color: pink and white
  • Lacy design
  • Illustration card and packaging by Toshinori Sogabe
  • Includes original 50ml (1.7 fl oz) bottle of lubricant

Girls Panties Miyuki Sakura

US$ 21

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