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Genuine Used Schoolgirl Swimsuit

Worn swimwear fetish item

Until recently, the Genuine Used Schoolgirl Swimsuit was apparently rubbing right up against a nubile JK's bare skin, absorbing all her forbidden juices. Her parents aren't exactly wealthy, so she's recently turned to selling her worn clothing to ensure she can enjoy going to cafes and karaoke with her friends without causing her family any financial strain. Dress (then undress) your beloved sex doll in this swimming costume, or simply drape it over your face while you touch yourself as you try to catch a whiff of her natural scent.

Genuine Used Schoolgirl Swimsuit

The Genuine Used Schoolgirl Swimsuit features:

  • Worn schoolgirl swimwear fetish item
  • Colors/size/pattern may vary from item to item
  • Simulates the look of used clothing
US$ 24

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