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Genuine Used Schoolgirl Socks

Worn hosiery fetish item

Japanese high school girls spend long hours in hot classrooms wearing uncomfortable leather loafers, so it only makes sense that their foot juices permeate their socks. Perfect for fetishists like you! The original owner of the Genuine Used Schoolgirl Socks comes from a poor family, so she's apparently started selling her worn clothing on the black market to at least have a bit of a social life without financially burdening her parents. Besides, she likes the idea of strangers around the world getting their hands on her private things and sniffing her scents while they jerk off.

Genuine Used Schoolgirl Socks

The Genuine Used Schoolgirl Socks feature:

  • Worn schoolgirl socks fetish item
  • Colors/size/pattern may vary from item to item
  • Simulates the look of used underwear
US$ 12

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