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Fresh Anal Lubricant Super Durable Lube

Longer-lasting anal play lube

US$ 9

The Fresh Anal Lubricant is designed to last much longer than regular lubes, which is great when you need to lubricate one of the most notoriously dry areas of the body. A little goes a long way with this lube and the bottle also has a two-part closing mechanism to help combat oxidization and keep the lube consistently fresh. The lube includes Ag+ properties to combat bacteria and odors.

Fresh Anal Lubricant Super Durable Lube
Fresh Anal Lubricant Super Durable Lube

The Fresh Anal Lubricant features:

  • Especially designed for anal use
  • Natural compounds
  • Two-part bottle closing design to combat oxidization and maintain freshness
  • Includes Ag+, anti-bacteria, and anti-odor properties
  • 360ml (12 fl oz)
  • Medium viscosity
  • No glycerol
  • Made in Japan

US$ 9

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