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Flogger 5 Lash

Leather bondage whip

Ideal for novices in BDSM but ones who still like sophisticated-looking adult toys, this Flogger 5 Lash from Tokyo bondage studio Tennosuke will tickle and beat you just the way you want it. Coming in a range of fun and chic colors, the whip is soft so you can experiment with how hard you or your partner can handle. Made from quality leather and with the material intricately woven together, there is no awkward break between the lashes and the grip on this masterful whip...

Flogger 5 Lash

The Flogger 5 Lash features:

  • Bondage whip WH-014 from Tennosuke
  • Colors: pink, light pink, red, white, black
  • Made from quality leather
  • Grip: 15cm (5.9")
  • Lashes: 32cm (12.6")
  • Made-to-order: please allow an extra week till delivery
  • Very soft type: 1/5 on hardness scale

US$ 33
(Option prices include additional shipping costs if applicable)

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