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Female Volleyball Uniform for Otoko no Ko

Male crossdresser sports costume

The Female Volleyball Uniform for Otoko no Ko instantly transforms you into a cute sports athlete, ready to play ball! Designed specifically for male crossdressers who want to reach the full kawaii levels of a Japanese female volleyball player, the cosplay outfit features a jersey and short that come in a stylish red and black color scheme and with a "JPN" for Japan. As you'd expect, the costume leaves your arms and legs exposed, and is stretchy and breathable for better comfort when the game starts.

Specs and Features:

  • For otoko no ko male crossdressers
  • Includes jersey and shorts
  • Size: 2L (male M)
  • Color: red and black
  • Bust: 96-108 cm (38-43")
  • Length: 64 cm (25")
  • Waist: 84-96 cm (33-38")
  • Material: polyester
US$ 25

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