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Expo Booth Babe Lingerie Costume Pink

Sexy underwear for women

The Expo Booth Babe Lingerie Costume Pink transforms you into one of the slinky, sexy ladies who staff the venue. It's a cross between a costume and lingerie, and should probably only be worn in the bedroom to avoid getting arrested for indecent exposure in public! Well, we're sure your partner will be happy to detain you after the expo is over and explore the details of this alluring array, which includes a uniform-inspired hat and dress (that is very short and open chest), bra, panties, and ribbon to decorate your bust.

Specs and Features:

  • Exposed by expo uniforms
  • Booth babe fetish
  • Includes dress, bra, panties, ribbon, hat
  • For women
  • Size: ladies' M
US$ 30