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Expo Booth Babe Lingerie Costume Black

Sexy, revealing clothing for women

The Expo Booth Babe Lingerie Costume Black is a great choice for role plays when you want to become one of those alluring ladies who staff the venue at expo events and conventions. It's like a uniform costume with the dress and hat, but also functions as a lingerie set with the panties and bra. The latter is very revealing,just sitting over the front of the breasts and with a ribbon in the middle, and leaving your bust protruding from the top and bottom. The dress is not for the shy, because the chest area is fully open, meaning your bra is always available to your partner's hands. The dress barely covers your butt, so it's great for emphasizing the curves of your ass and waist. Everything comes in a striking black and white color scheme.

Specs and Features:

  • Exposed by expo uniforms
  • Booth babe fetish
  • Includes dress, bra, panties, ribbon, hat
  • For women
  • Size: ladies' M
US$ 30

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