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Erie Light Love Doll

Asian cute Japanese sex doll

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With her super lightweight body and innocent charms, the Erie is the new superstar love doll on the market inspired by the graces of the young Asian female. And now alongside her sister, there's the Erie Light, a companion with all the same body features but with one type of make-up for the guy who wants to first try a simpler style.

Erie Light Love Doll

Erie Light is just as beautifully formed, with a D-cup bust and supple waist. What's particularly special about the Erie Light, though, is that there is a unique choice of FOUR eye color options: Brown, blue, green or gray.

Erie Light Love Doll

The head can be removed and the eyes are also movable, and this double latex-coated skin is translucent and soft as can be. All in all, Erie has sixteen movable joints and the Erie Light set also includes panties, a special onahole masturbator, skincare powder, and lotion, plus you can add a stand as well.

Erie Light Love Doll

The Erie Light features:

  • Wig/hair included as per the image above (exchange with others of your choice)
  • One make-up type
  • Skin: double layer of latex coating
  • Height: 135cm (4.4 ft)
  • Hips: 72cm (28.3")
  • Waist: 49cm (19.3")
  • Feet: 21cm (8.3")
  • Head: 51cm (20.1")
  • Weight: 4kg (8.8 lb)
  • Bust: D-cup
  • Head can be removed
  • Movable eyes
  • Sixteen movable parts/joints
  • Eye color options: brown, blue, green, gray
  • Eye color options are NOT available for regular Erie doll
  • No clothing included (costumes in images are suggestions only)
  • Set includes onahole, panties, wig, lotion, skincare powder
  • Onahole size: 15.5cm (6.1")
  • Options: stand (add below)
  • Made to order: Please allow an extra 1 week for delivery

Erie Light Love Doll
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