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Enemagra Prostate Massager

Anal dildo toy

US$ 83

What's better than an orgasm that leaves you crying and shaking on the bed? How about more than one? That's right, multiple male orgasms are possible, using the Enemagra. The Enemagra stimulates the prostate gland, hitting the elusive "male G-spot" and taking you to an orgasm you didn't think was possible. There are other prostate massagers out there, but the Enemagra is the only one with an adjustable size and entry angle, ensuring that people of any shape can get all it has to offer.

Enemagra Prostate Massager

The Enemagra features

  • Anatomic design simulates the male G-spot and perineum
  • Length: 7.5cm
  • Width (widest point): 1.9cm
  • 3 adjustable entry angles
  • 5-step length adjustment for perineum stimulator
  • Materials: hypoallergenic ABS resin
  • Instructions: Japanese

Enemagra Prostate Massager
US$ 83

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