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Dollho Body Doll Onahole

Masturbator and miniature doll body set

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Part mini doll, part onahole, the all-new Dollho Body by Tokyo Libido is a "direct joint onahodoll". What does that mean? It means the included joint parts can be placed in the special holes to add a real mini girl's personality to this onahole masturbator. If you want you can then add a set of legs or arms, or even a mini wig and clothing for extra decoration. Or you can just enjoy the pleasures of the hole!

Dollho Body Doll Onahole

There are two basic bodies to choose from: The Type 060 has larger breasts and a generous vagina. Meanwhile, the Type VDD has a sleeker body and more subtle bust for those guys who like their girls petite.

Dollho Body Doll Onahole

The Dollho itself includes the joints and the lower body half. You can then add your own doll with wig and clothes. Or we recommend the Dollfie Dream doll by Volks that, though not made by the same people as the Dollho, fits and works with it to create a perfect set.

Dollho Body Doll Onahole

The Dollho Body features:

  • Choose from Type VDD or Type 060 versions
  • Includes joints parts but doll arms/legs, clothes, wig etc not included
  • Recommended for use with Volks Dollfie Dream doll. Add as optional extra below
  • Can also be customized for use with other dolls, such as the Obitsu 60
  • Size: around 145 x 70mm (5.7 x 2.8")
  • Includes lotion (200ml, 6.8 fl oz)

Dollho Body Doll Onahole
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