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Crescente See-Through Open-Crotch Swimsuit

Sheer bathing suit with hole

While this bathing suit will not be allowed at most swimming pools, the Crescente See-Through Open-Crotch Swimsuit is a great addition to your sexy private wardrobe. With a slick wet look, the semi-sheer swimsuit shows off all your curves and lets your nipples shine through clearly. If your partner can't contain themselves anymore, the open crotch gives ready access to your pussy while the swimsuit is still on. Coming with a handy zip on the back, it is easy to take this swimsuit off, even when wet.

Specs and Features:

  • Transparent swimsuit with open crotch and zipper on back
  • Includes: swimsuit
  • Color: transparent white
  • Size: ladies' M
  • Model: Suzume Mino
US$ 13

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