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Cli-Portion No. 2 Sweet Candy

Scented female aphrodisiac ointment for clitoris

Created by women, for women, the scented Cli-Portion No. 2 Sweet Candy features coconut, frankincense, and vanilla. Being clear, it won't stain your underwear and clothing, so you can rub it on your clitoris to enhance arousal without fear of leaving an aftermath that gets you found out. The aphrodisiac ointment, which is made from natural ingredients, is easy to apply alone or let a partner rub it on, and the compact size of the bottle means you can slip it into your bag so you're never be without this little helper.

Specs and Features:

  • Aphrodisiac ointment/rub
  • For women
  • For clitoral use
  • 5 ml (0.2 fl oz)
  • Contains: coconut oil, olive oil, frankincense essential oil, vanilla essential oil
  • Made in Japan
US$ 18

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