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Chinatsu Izawa Love Fantasista

AV star meiki onahole

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Chinatsu Izawa is one of the most famous AV stars in Japan, adored for her perfect skin, wide eyes, and flirty smile. With her B-cup petite bust and 82-58-88 figure, the Tokyo-born lass is just eager for some lovin'. Her hobbies include cooking and music, but fans of her videos know she also isn't adverse to some strap-on multi-vibe action either.

Chinatsu Izawa Love Fantasista

The Love Fantasista is inspired by Izawa, and features a futuristic clear design and internal APEX Sandwich construction. Made from "Pure Essential" silicone, this toy is so soft you may not even need lube...but they've included some anyway. What's more, this is a virgin meiki hole, guaranteeing you can get just that little bit closer to slinky Chinatsu.

Chinatsu Izawa Love Fantasista

The Chinatsu Izawa Love Fantasista features:

  • Chinatsu Izawa AV star-themed meiki onahole x1
  • Material: Pure Essential silicone blend
  • APEX Sandwich construction
  • Weight: 341g
  • Mini-lotion included

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