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Cherry Love Open-Front High-Cut Thong Leotard Purple

Sexy, revealing clothing for women

The Cherry Love Open-Front High-Cut Thong Leotard Purple is less a leotard or playsuit than a barely-there set of straps around your body, leaving a gaping hole in the middle for your partner to admire your stomach, thighs, and side boobs. If you've got it, flaunt it. And this item really lets you stay true to that motto.

The shiny material transforms you into a gymnast and flamboyant showgirl all in one. The back is shaped like a sensual upper-case Y, terminating in a thong that runs between your butt cheeks and (just about!) covers your crotch.

Specs and Features:

  • Sexy and revealing leotard
  • Open front with bare stomach and lower/side breasts
  • Glossy sheen
  • High cut
  • Thong back
  • Color: purple
  • Size: M
US$ 40

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