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Cherry Love Open-Front High-Cut Thong Leotard Black

Sexy and revealing costume for women

The Cherry Love Open-Front High-Cut Thong Leotard Black leaves little to the imagination, but that's the way you want it. With an exposed front that reveals the bottom half and the sides of your breasts and your entire stomach, plus a high cut that means your whole thighs are left bare, this playsuit is your new secret weapon in the bedroom.

It has the glossy texture of latex rubber that evokes bondage gimp suits and the sheen catches the light seductively. The tiny thong at the back puts the full shape of your butt cheeks on display, so your partner can grip and kiss them even while you remain nominally still clothed. Though we suspect this leotard won't remain on your body for long!

Specs and Features:

  • Sexy and revealing leotard
  • Open front with bare stomach and lower/side breasts
  • Glossy sheen
  • High cut
  • Thong back
  • Color: black
  • Size: M
US$ 40