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Cherry Love Glossy Open Playsuit Pink

Revealing, figure-hugging outfit for women

Matching jaw-dropping levels of bare skin with a shiny, 1980s look and faintly bondage texture, the Cherry Love Glossy Open Playsuit Pink comes in a girl-friendly rose color that makes a big impression. Are you searching for that special outfit to heat things up when intimacy has cooled in the bedroom? Or something to make your first night together really memorable? The figure-hugging playsuit really accentuates your curves, transforming you into a kind of Barbarella character whose assets seriously demand attention. The thong at the back displays your buttocks while the skimpy design means your back, sides, and waist are left almost entirely bare and available for your partner to view, touch, and kiss. Spin around and give seductive glimpses of side boob to seal the deal!

Specs and Features:

  • Shiny and glossy
  • Revealing and sexy
  • Bare waist and sides
  • Thong at back
  • For women
  • Kinky rubber and latex bondage texture/look
  • Size: M
  • Color: rose pink
  • Beige-colored G-string not included
US$ 31

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