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Air Doll Smell Spray

Realistic body smell for sex doll

Add some extra sweaty body fragrance to your blow-up doll with this Air Doll Smell Spray, which will give the fleshy odor of a human body to the neutral materials of your air doll companion. Designed by the makers of the Usahane Air Doll, this spray is of course suitable for any blow-up sex doll where you want to enhance the realism for a better experience.

Air Doll Smell Spray

The Air Doll Smell Spray features:

  • Originally designed for Usahane blow-up doll but can be used with other dolls
  • Volume: 30ml (1 fl oz)
  • Size: 3 x 10.3cm (1.2 x 4.1")

US$ 7

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