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Aesthetic Salon Brothel Lubricant 300 ml (10.1 fl oz)

Japanese sex industry lube

The Aesthetic Salon Brothel Lubricant is a professional-standard lube like those used by sex workers at brothels in Japan that are disguised as beauty salons (with "extras" on the menu). The lubricant is unscented, so there are no gimmicks here: just really high-quality lube for masturbation, foreplay massagers and mutual masturbation with a partner, and of course full penetrative sex.

Specs and Features:

  • Sex industry standard lubricant
  • Unscented
  • 300 ml (10.1 fl oz)
  • Contains purified water, ethanol, benzoic acid, sodium polyacrylate, monoethylene glycol
US$ 5

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