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Yacho Emaki Japanese Costume

Sexy Asian cosplay

Transform yourself into an exotic, sexy Japanese maiden with this Yacho Emaki Japanese Costume, a mini kimono that hints at what is underneath while dazzling the viewer on the surface with its motifs of Japanese flowers, leaves and other vibrant Oriental colors. Great for cosplay and roleplay, and for adding some novel elements to familiar foreplay. Let yourself be seduced by the sights of the Far East!

Yacho Emaki Japanese Costume

The Yacho Emaki Japanese Costume features:

  • Includes mini kimono and obi
  • Fits sizes: B78-88cm (30.7-34.6"), W58-70cm (22.8-27.6"), H87-95cm (34.2-37.4")
  • Color: black with Japanese patterns

Yacho Emaki Japanese Costume
US$ 42
Peso: 0.6Kg / 1.32lbs

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