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Waz Oki-ona Daruma-gaeshi

Deep penetration masturbator

Created with the opulent female charms of the courtesan Yoshino in mind, this Waz Oki-ona Daruma-gaeshi is a luxury hole for the man discerning about where he puts himself. Its weight is chunky and realistic, while the remarkable swirling passageway will guide you around ridges and swerves as grinding as could ever exist, before finishing in a womb-like inner sanctum where you can explode...

Waz Oki-ona Daruma-gaeshi

Daruma-gaeshi refers to the sex position where you place both of the girl's legs together and then rest them bent on your chest, while she holds onto your legs - allowing you to push very, very deep inside. With this Waz Oki-ona Daruma-gaeshi you can get the same experience in your hand.

Waz Oki-ona Daruma-gaeshi

The Waz Oki-ona Daruma-gaeshi features:

  • Total length: 165mm (6.5")
  • Inner hole length: 130mm (5.1")
  • Weight: 565g (19.9 oz)
  • Materials: TPE
  • Non-air release hole type masturbator
  • Made in Japan

US$ 26
Peso: 0.75Kg / 1.65lbs

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