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Tenga Onacup Rolling Head Black Edition

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The Black “Hard" series is taking the original Rolling Head, updating them with a more gripping material that grabs you better, and actually tightens more as you use it. The Rolling Head of the Tenga Onacup Masturbation cup series. A sensual sensation like never before, made possible by adoption of a rolling head. With the adoption of a flexible body, a range of stimuli to the penis head is now possible with this onacup, including back-and-forth, right-and-left and rolling movements.You can also enjoy motions that you have never before experienced - a combination of rolling motions at the top and piston movements at the base of this Tenga Onacup. A new sensual sensation is also yours as you stimulate the sensitive head during and after ejaculation.

Tenga Onacup Rolling Head Black Edition

Tenga Onacup Rolling Head Black Edition
US$ 11
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