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Tenga Flip Hole Lotion 170ml

Mild, Real and Wild from Tenga

Your Tenga Flip Hole deserves the best and the Flip Hole Lotion has been designed especially for that purpose. This 170ml bottle will provide you with juice to heighten your Tenga experience. Not only that, it can of course be used with other onaholes. You can choose one of the four types: Mild (soft), Real (realistic, right?), Wild (menthol), or Solid (sharp and edgy). You can get the whole set if you're feeling super adventurous!

Tenga Flip Hole Lotion 170ml

The Tenga Flip Hole Lotion features:

  • Lotion (170ml, 5.7 fl oz) suitable for Tenga Flip Hole onahole and other onaholes
  • Please choose from below:
  • Mild x 1
  • Real x 1
  • Wild x 1
  • Solid x 1
  • or
  • Set of all 4 lotions!

US$ 11
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