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Sujiman Lubricant Motto

Super lubricating antibacterial lotion

Invoke the moe three sisters of Magic Eyes to aide you in your conquest of adult products. The Sujiman Lubricant Motto combines super lubrication, deodorization, and antibacterial properties to create one of the most effective lubes on the market. With just a drop or two, you will be able to enjoy smooth motion and a sense of safety in one. To top it off, there's no messy clean-up when you're finished because the lube comes off with the wipe of a tissue.

Sujiman Lubricant Motto

The Sujiman Lubricant Motto features:

  • Super lubrication
  • Deodorizing (Zn2+, Cu2+)
  • Antibacterial properties (Cu2+, Ag+)
  • Size: 120ml (4.05 fl oz)
  • Easy clean-up (wipes clean)

US$ 8

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