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Sex Samurai Energy Supplements

Increases sexual stamina for men

The Sex Samurai Energy Supplements provide you with the stamina to last all day and night. Become a warrior in the bedroom by taking three of these supplements a day. No need for water, just bite one of the tablets and enjoy the refreshing lemon and mint flavor, and the effects on your sexual potency from the maca, zinc, arginine, citrulline, tongkat ali (longjack), and other ingredients.

Specs and Features:

  • Flavor: lemon, mint
  • No need for water: just bite to consume
  • Recommended intake: 3 per day
  • Enough for approx. 20 days
  • Contains maca, zinc, arginine, citrulline, tongkat ali (longjack), etc.
US$ 20
Weight: 0.1Kg

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