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Ryojoku S&M Punishment Chair

Back or backless BDSM slave seat

Sit 'em down and strap 'em in. That's the way to treat your slave and this Ryojoku Punishment Chair features wrist and ankle cuffs to keep them tightly imprisoned. Even better, there is a mirror on the base to reveal their intimate nooks and crannies, plus plenty of room between the cushions for you to whip and punish their most vulnerable areas.

Ryojoku S&M Punishment Chair

Choose between red and gold, but there is more than just taste in color with this option. The red is a stool-style version, but the gold chair features a back to support your slave while they occupy the seat, or to keep them even more tightly strapped in while you inflict more pain and punishment!

Ryojoku S&M Punishment Chair

The Ryojoku S&M Punishment Chair features:

  • Two types: red (backless) or gold (with back)
  • Size (red backless chair): about 680 x 360 x 680mm (26.8 x 14.2 x 26.8")
  • Size (gold chair with back): about 660 x 560 x 660mm (26 x 22 x 26")
  • Please note this product is custom-made and so dispatch takes an additional 2-3 weeks

US$ 582
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Peso: 9Kg / 19.8lbs