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Poplife 3 Sutera Kurusu

Yosai Kuchu moe idol voice masturbator

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Produced by ero manga sensation Yosai Kuchu, the Poplife series blends physical pleasure with sound. Included in this set is a print of the idol and a voice kit so you can play her oral delights as you explore her inner body. The Poplife 3 Sutera Kurusu is a hole based on 19-year-old Sutera's, complete with a G-spot zone near the tight entrance.

Poplife 3 Sutera Kurusu

As you proceed deeper inside her, you will encounter a series of strong and weak nubs that offer variations in stimulation. Finally there is a "breaker" at the end to stroke your head one last time before it bursts forth.

Poplife 3 Sutera Kurusu

Made from special hybrid TPE materials, squeeze yourself in and this cowgirl with cute legs and a slender body to die for will be your new best friend every night...

Poplife 3 Sutera Kurusu

The Poplife 3 Sutera Kurusu features:

  • Produced by Yosai Kuchu
  • Length: around 145mm (5.7")
  • Weight: around 170g (6 oz)
  • Non-air release hole type masturbator
  • Includes voice kit, print, lotion
  • Power: batteries (tester included)
  • Made in Japan

Poplife 3 Sutera Kurusu
US$ 22
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