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Onahole Washer Pump

Masturbator toy cleaning device

Masturbators with more complex internal structures have hit the market lately, and while they bring more pleasure, they are also harder to clean properly. Moisture left inside a masturbator can cause mold and a foul odor. Have you ever struggled to tackle the semen or lubricant left in the back of a masturbator when it's time to clean up? This practical Onahole Washer Pump is the perfect solution for that pesky problem!

To use this large-capacity pump, simply pour water into the pump body, insert the nozzle into the masturbator, and push the pump. The nozzle reaches deep inside and is made of soft PVC material that is easy to bend, so it will not damage the inside of the masturbator. From nine holes, water is sprayed to clean the top and left and right sides at once. If you want to increase its cleaning power, you can add a small amount of shampoo or kitchen detergent to the water you put into the pump.

Specs and Features:

  • Manual pump cleaner for adult toys
  • Adult toy maintenance tool for onaholes and larger masturbators
  • Includes 3 nozzles made of soft PVC
  • 9-hole nozzle cleans all around
  • Comes with nozzle dirt prevention protective case
  • Bottle size: 600 ml (20 fl oz)
  • Nozzle length: 12 cm (4.7")
  • Tube length: 60 cm (nearly 2 ft)
  • Regular cleaning and drying with a microfiber cloth keeps the product clean and safe for use
US$ 29

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