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Miracle Angel Hips

Japanese girl buttocks ass double hole masturbator

Perfect if you're an ass man, the Miracle Angel Hips is just like having a sexy Japanese girl's butt right in your hands. Realistically weighty and textured to the touch, it is especially designed to be put flat on a surface, all the better for you to grip and slide yourself in.

Miracle Angel Hips

But which hole? Choice like this only comes to the fortunate. Just like in real life, you have both the anal and vaginal passages here, and no complaints over which one you use. Her ass is nubbed inside the whole way, creating a 3D bed of tickling stimulation on your head. Her tight pussy is a swirling, meandering hole which will stroke your head till it pops everything its got!

Miracle Angel Hips

The Miracle Angel Hips features:

  • Double hole
  • Size: 35 x 35 x 25cm (13.8 x 13.8 x 9.8")
  • Weight: around 8kg (17.6 lbs)
  • Non-air release hole type masturbator

Miracle Angel Hips
US$ 274

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