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Magic Mirror Seductress SOD

Soft on Demand Miyuki Yokoyama nurse porn

Miyuki Yokoyama stars in Magic Mirror Seductress as a Tokyo lady who is definitely not coy. She knows what she wants and how to get it. Watch her seduce her way through a series of men in this two-hour plus film in a range of different situations and guises. And the whole thing takes place in a "magic mirror" truck, a vehicle with a one-way window so you can see the world outside... but they can't see Miyuki and her lucky partners.

Magic Mirror Seductress SOD

Miyuki might be a nurse giving someone a very thorough check-up indeed! Or she is a sexy office lady, hiding (but not for long) a perfect body tightly bound in sexy black lingerie. She takes charge in these scenes, seducing the helpless men and gaining her pleasure from giving it to them, over and over again!

Magic Mirror Seductress SOD

Magic Mirror Seductress features:

  • Starring Miyuki Yokoyama
  • 125-minute adult movie DVD (SACE-022)
  • Region free

Magic Mirror Seductress SOD
US$ 28

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