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Japanese Office Lady Sex Slaves

Soft on Demand BDSM porn Fuka Nanasaki

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This ain't like any office you've worked in before, believe you me. For a start, it's staffed by Japanese Office Lady Sex Slaves! These women are naked and ready for the bidding of any or all of the men in the office, which means being bent over the photocopies, doing whatever "tasks" are placed in front of them, and even being put into bondage stocks to be the permanent play things of their male colleagues.

Japanese Office Lady Sex Slaves

The Japanese Office Lady (or "OL") is one of the sexiest females to walk the planet, slinking down the corridors of every work place in Japan. Demure and servile, she will perform any task her boss sets her, from cleaning to making coffee, greeting customers or organizing entertainment for the team.

Japanese Office Lady Sex Slaves

The Office Ladies in this company are no exception and boy, are they good at their jobs! Meanwhile, there is also one lucky girl (Fuka Nanasaki) who is promoted to human toilet and does overtime being the tied-up sex slave of all and sundry in the storage room.

Japanese Office Lady Sex Slaves

Japanese Office Lady Sex Slaves features:

  • 115-minute Japanese adult DVD (SDMT-522)
  • Starring Fuka Nanasaki
  • Region free

Japanese Office Lady Sex Slaves
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