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Gucho Monster Meiki Masturbator

Reversible two-in-one onahole

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A uniquely designed and innovative creation from the labs of Japan's top adult factories, the Gucho Monster Meiki is a two-in-one, double version onahole for the man who wants to hunt, capture and penetrate his prey. "Gucho" means literally "messy" and that is how it's gonna end up after it's finished pumping and sucking you gentleman dry of its juices!

Gucho Monster Meiki Masturbator

"Hunt" is the sleeker, straighter beast, with a long passage lined with nubs, ending in a final g-spot sanctuary. "Midara" ("slutty"), on the other hand, has large, gaping lips, and is rounder and bumpy on the outside, and likewise the inner hole is meandering and packed with large nobs and stimulators. Both versions are extremely light and flexible, and, in a simple but brilliant design innovation, can be reversed to re-create a cute anal hole sensation for those times when you fancy a backdoor entrance.

Gucho Monster Meiki Masturbator

The Gucho Monster Meiki features:

  • Choose between "Midara" or "Hunt" versions
  • Can be reversed for anal hole too
  • Size: about 17 x 5.3cm (6.7 x 2.1")
  • Includes lotion (50ml)

Gucho Monster Meiki Masturbator
US$ 18
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