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Furry Tail Butt Plug Pink

Animal-themed anal pleasure toy

Offering both anal pleasure and animal-themed cosplay in one fell swoop, the Furry Tail Butt Plug Pink adds a seriously kinky, seriously fun element to your bedroom antics (or wherever else your fancies and fantasies take you). Slip this metal butt plug in and enjoy the unique feeling of your rectum widening, pleasuring one of the most sensitive spots of your body (especially if you're a guy).

The furry tail instantly makes your catgirl and fur fetish fantasies real, while the pink color ensures things stay cute even though this is a genuine butt plug. Talking of which, the plug's tip is designed for easy insertion, and dildo then grows wider, allowing you to enjoy the gradual sensation of your butthole stretching the deeper the plug goes in.

Specs and Features:

  • Furry butt plug in style of animal tail
  • For anal pleasure and cosplay
  • Color: pink
  • Plug material: metal
US$ 9

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