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Fairy Dew Spray

Female virgin body lubricant

Have you ever wanted her to feel "virginal" again down there? Let Fairy Dew Spray help you with that. Just one push and her most precious treasure will "tighten up", making her feel like she did all those years ago. (Without the stress of actually being a virgin!) Good lubricity ensures that this product won't leave you dry or even sticky. Give your little lady (and your big man) something to take those sessions back in time.

Fairy Dew Spray

The Fairy Dew Spray features:

  • Just one push per session
  • Volume: 80ml (2.7 fl oz)
  • Ingredients: potassium alum, sodium polyacrylate, carbomers, potassium hydroxide, EDTA-4Na (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), methylparaben, etc
  • Made in Japan

Fairy Dew Spray
US$ 28

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