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EQ Lemon Lotion

Japanese drink parody citrus lube

Japanese sex toys are playful and inventive, and as such are prone to parody. This is why you get fun products like this one, which is designed to look like a certain popular Japanese drink. But regardless of your taste in beverages, the EQ Lemon Lotion is a great lube (or "sex vitamin lotion" as the makers call it!) and will get you and your partner's body very lubricated for the task at hand. Even better, just like the original drink, the EQ Lemon contains actual lemon extract for a uniquely citric lotion experience.

EQ Lemon Lotion

The EQ Lemon Lotion features:

  • 350ml (11.8 fl oz)
  • Includes lemon extract, collagen compound
  • Not a drink. Do not consume

US$ 7

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