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DWU Fabulous Fragrance

Virtual YouTuber smell fetish spray

With her cute looks, voice, and total lack of inhibitions about the topics she shares on her channel, virtual YouTuber DeepWebUnderground (DWU) has amassed a following of 80,000 fans and counting. Japanese sex toy manufacturer Tama Toys now provides her admirers with the DWU Fabulous Fragrance, making the DWU viewing experience even more immersive by adding her smell! Use the handy spray bottle with your favorite hug pillow or onahole, or spray the pheromone-rich liquid onto some cute underwear for your love doll or even partner. It will smell like DWU is right there with you whenever you watch her online videos.

DWU Fabulous Fragrance
DWU Fabulous Fragrance

The DWU Fabulous Fragrance features:

  • Based on virtual YouTube idol/star DeepWebUnderground (DWU)
  • 10 ml (0.3 fl oz)
  • Made in Japan
US$ 22

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