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Cat Tail Anal Plug

Animal tail anus vibrator

We all like pussy, right? Now you can really get the pussy you want with the Cat Tail Anal Plug, a fiendishly original way to add in some roleplaying and cosplay kinkiness as sexual spices, along with genuine anal pleasure. This "tail" comes complete with a bell and in three colors (white, black or tabby), making her (or him) resemble a real feline character slinking around while enjoying what's going on inside them.

Cat Tail Anal Plug

The Japanese have long been obsessed with cats and here's another example of that fetish. This tail be twisted in any direction, allowing for all sorts of wicked games and control over the anal pleasure purring away inside...

Cat Tail Anal Plug

The Cat Tail features:

  • Colors: white, black, tabby
  • Anal plug size (insertable part): 7.5 x 3.3 x 3cm (3 x 1.3 x 1.2")
  • Tail: 60cm (23.6")

Cat Tail Anal Plug
US$ 28
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