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Candy Lotion (キャンディーローション)

At first glance, the Candy Lotion Portable Lubricants by A-One looks just like a bag of sweets. No one would be any the wiser so you can leave it in plain sight. But break open these candy and a generous lubricating liquid will pour. Ideal for taking around with you in a bag or pocket, the convenience, small lube capsules come in three varieties.

Candy Lotion (キャンディーローション)

There is the "normal" type, suitable for couple play. The "hard" type is for when you want to go at it rough, while the "moist" ones offer a good lubricating experience for girls who are particularly dry. Each type has its own color to help you identify them easily.

Candy Lotion (キャンディーローション)

The Candy Lotion Portable Lubricants features:

  • Looks like a bag of candy/sweets
  • Contains three types: normal (yellow), hard (pink), moist (blue)
  • Includes 8 of each type (total of 24)
  • Not edible: do not eat
  • No flavor

Candy Lotion (キャンディーローション)
JPY 701