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Shiny See-Through Thong Panties Black

Sexy, revealing lingerie for women

The Shiny See-Through Thong Panties Black ensure you make a big splash in the bedroom when you and your date proceed to the "dessert" part of the evening. Sure, you're in the middle of foreplay and the way things are heading is pretty much fixed, but why settle for dull underwear? Spice things up and raise the temperature a notch even during this final stage before sex begins. The shimmery, translucent panties flaunt your buttocks and tantalize at what lies underneath. A great choice of lingerie for a first date or reminding a long-term partner just how hot you are.

Specs and Features:

  • Color: black
  • Translucent/semi-transparent
  • Size: M
  • Top not included
  • Made in Japan
€ 12

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