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Sexy Schoolgirl Bikini

School student cosplay swimwear

The Sexy Schoolgirl Bikini takes the style of a schoolgirl swimsuit and runs with it all the way to the forbidden zone of ero-cosplay. Sure, the colors resemble the more modest swimming costumes the young ladies wear at the school swimming club, but we reckon most male classmates would suffer premature heart attacks if their female cohorts wore this bikini! The straps on the back put almost your entire back on display, while the barely there bottoms mean your buttocks are really emphasized.

Specs and Features:

  • School student cosplay swimwear
  • Color: blue with white trim
  • Includes top and bottoms
  • With adjustable straps
  • Bust: 64-78 cm (25-31")
  • Waist: 74-88 cm (29-35")
  • Rise: 13 cm (5")
€ 26
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