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Prelude Enema Bulb Kit

Cleaning and lubricating anal douche pump

Before beginning anal and prostate play, make sure things are ready back there with the Prelude Enema Bulb Kit. Slide the nozzle in and use the pump to squeeze our cleansing fluid and lube. The douche nozzle is easy to insert and the enema bulb-style pump just requires a single squeeze to inject the contents deep into your anus.

Specs and Features:

  • Anal douche
  • Hand pump (enema bulb) design
  • For anal cleaning and lubricating
  • Nozzle and pump are detachable
  • Insertable part length: 75 mm (3")
  • Tip width: 8 mm (0.3")
  • Capacity: 290 ml (9.8 fl oz)
  • Material: silicone
€ 44

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