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Otoko no Ko Short Sleeve Sailor Pajamas

Cute schoolgirl uniform PJs costume

The Otoko no Ko Short Sleeve Sailor Pajamas are a cute set of sleepwear inspired by classic sailor-style Japanese schoolgirl uniforms. The sleeves are short, making the outfit comfortable to wear even when things get hot in the bedroom. The all-in-one costume is designed especially for male crossdressers and femboys.

Specs and Features:

  • Schoolgirl uniform fetish
  • For otoko no ko (male daughter) crossdressers
  • Size: 2L (men's M)
  • Chest measurement: 96-104 cm (38-41")
  • Waist measurement: 94-102 cm (37-40")
  • Length: 87 cm (34")
  • Material: polyester
€ 30

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