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Onatsuyu Onahole Lotion

Masturbator lubricant

"Tsuyu" is a type of Japanese sauce and this is certainly the type of liquid we want lubricating our you-know-whats while we take a pleasurable plunge into an onahole masturbator! Yes, the Onatsuyu is a special lotion designed specifically for use with quality onahole masturbators, enhancing the experience of penetrating a plastic vagina with its stimulating, sticky texture.

Onatsuyu Onahole Lotion

The lotion is also designed to dry slowly and for the stickiness not to rub off on your hands and so on. Coming with an easy-to-apply nozzle, just pour this lube directly into the hole and then get ready to push in as deep as you like!

The Onatsuyu Onahole Lotion features:

  • Lubricant especially for use with onahole masturbators
  • Limited edition
  • Volume: 370ml (12.5 fl oz)

€ 7

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