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Nyanbo Condom (3 Boxes)

Cat anime character contraceptives with warming lubricant

Inspired by a popular Japanese anime series, the Nyanbo Condom come in three design boxes with cute cat prints on each individual wrapper. But don't judge them by their adorable cover alone: whether you are a feline lover or not, these condoms are perfect for intimate sessions with a partner when it is cold outside, as each comes coated in a warming lubricant!

Nyanbo Condom (3 Boxes)

Nyanbo Condom (3 Boxes)
Nyanbo Condom (3 Boxes)

The Nyanbo Condom (3 Boxes) features:

  • Inspired by Nyanbo! anime
  • Condoms with warming lubrication
  • 3 boxes/packs of 12 condoms (36 condoms in total)
  • Material: natural rubber latex
€ 13

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