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Meiki Sarah Love Juice Lotion

Porn star cum juice lube

The first step is getting your hands on the lovely Meiki Sarah Masturbator, the "clone" onahole modeled on newbie porn star Sarah's own pussy. Then, the final part of the pleasure comes from lubing yourself up with this Meiki Sarah Love Juice, a reverse-engineered lotion derived from the half-Brazilian, half-Japanese girl's actual cum!

Meiki Sarah Love Juice Lotion

When you are inside Sarah, get the sensation that her pussy is letting rip all over you. The ultimate in Japanese technology meets the ultimate in Japan's sexiness. An exquisite blend of South America and Asia, get as close to Sarah as possible courtesy of her very lubricating liquids... For the best results, add the Meiki Sarah Masturbator (available as an optional extra).

The Meiki Sarah Love Juice Lotion features:

  • Lubricant based on Japanese porn star Sarah's love juices
  • Volume: 200ml (6.8 fl oz)
  • Meiki Sarah Masturbator available as optional extra

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