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Lady's SOM Sex Machine

Robotic vibrator for women

The Lady's SOM has it all for a woman who wants the best in self-pleasure. The easy base is adjustable for various body sizes so you can get the perfect fit and angle during use. The soft dildo thrusts at the speed you choose with the controller... and the controller even doubles as a vibrator for clitoral stimulation!

Ladys SOM Sex Machine

Lady's SOM is easy to use. Just place it between your legs, adjust the height for the proper angle for your body, and insert with lubrication. Then, using the vibe/controller, go slow and enjoy your time. It's perfect for fun with a partner as well, with him in control of the thrust!

Ladys SOM Sex Machine

Lady’s SOM features:

  • Body dimensions: 11 x 34 x 21 cm (4.3 x 11.4 x 8.3")
  • Vibe / Controller dimensions: 8.5 x 2.3 cm (3.4 x 1")
  • Dildo dimensions: 14.5 x max. 3.8 cm (5.7 x 1.5")
  • Includes: AC adapter, SOM gel (120 ml)
  • Manual: Japanese
  • Power: 100-240 V

€ 332

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