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10 Times Better Sex Chair

Support stool/mount for easier sex

Dramatically improve your sex life with the 10 Times Better Sex Chair, a piece of support furniture for couples that lets you enjoy enhanced intimacy with your partner for longer without getting tired. This chair/bouncer with an extra thick elastic band allows even older couples and women who are heavier or anyone less confident in their physical strength to enjoy riding on top of each other with ease, enabling longer and better sexual play. Once you find your groove with this sex support stool, you'll probably never want to go without it ever again.

The robust steel pipe frame is thicker and sturdier than earlier models of the sex chair and similar support mounts. The entire pipe, which used to be cold to the touch, is now wrapped with styrene cushioning material for a softer, gentler feel. The rubber band that supports the body is made of three luxurious layers, and the increased thickness improves tension and durability, allowing you to put your weight on the chair with confidence.

Specs and Features:

  • Chair/stool/bouncer/mount for enhancing and assisting with sex positions
  • Can be used for various positions (missionary, cowgirl, oral sex, etc.)
  • Makes sex less physically tiring
  • Can be used vertically and horizontally (may need a cushion)
  • Color: black
  • Dimensions (assembled): 38.5 x 47 cm (15 x 18.5"), gap between belts 7 cm (2.8")
  • Weight: 3.1 kg (6.8 lbs)
  • Assembly instructions: step 1: Pass the cushioning material through each steel pipe (it may take a few tries to pass the material through). Step 2: Pass the two rubber belts through the designated positions. Be careful of the direction of the belts, as they will be connected later. Step 3: Connect the steel pipes of the legs. Connect the left and right legs on one side only, and then connect the other side to both sides at once. Step 4: Push the legs together with force so that the joints are firmly secured. Don't forget to check for wobble.
€ 152