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Yotsumeya Shikisokuzeku Onahole

Traditional Edo adult masturbator

Sex and the need to satisfy the desire for orgasm is as old as time. In 17th-century Edo (Old Tokyo), Yotsumeya was adult store known for handmade sexual aides. The Yotsumeya Shikisokuzeku Onahole retains the same handcrafted elegancy in her outer design and shape to make her visually pleasing, while her inner love hole is crafted for maximum pleasure.

Yotsumeya Shikisokuzeku Onahole

Varied points of interest line this lady of antiquity's offering to you. The first is the realistic thickness of her vaginal opening, followed by the myriad of twists, turns, nubs, ridges and other enhancements will engage your penis in ecstasy, and finally the tightness of her very depths which will be the recipient of your satisfaction. Taste ancient Japan like very few can, with tradition and history wrapped into the exciting Shikisokuzeku masturbator.

Yotsumeya Shikisokuzeku Onahole

The Yotsumeya Shikisokuzeku Onahole features:

  • Total length: 187mm (7.36")
  • Penetrable section length: 115mm (4.52")
  • Includes mini lotion
  • Non-air release hole type masturbator

Yotsumeya Shikisokuzeku Onahole
€ 18

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