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Virtual Onahole 2 Ruri Shiratori DVD Set

JAV porn star clone masturbator, movie, love juice

Let's imagine a perfect porn experience? We have a sexy Japanese adult movie star. Add in an onahole masturbator modeled on her you-know-what, splash on some lotion re-created from her own love juices... Welcome to the Virtual Onahole series.

Virtual Onahole 2 Ruri Shiratori DVD Set

Ruri Shiratori was born in 1980 and has demonstrated herself to be one of the dirtiest and most versatile JAV performers today. This specially created DVD pays tribute to her slutty dimensions, allowing you viewing access to her body in wholly new ways. And get even more access downstairs by using the onahole, recreated from Ruri's own pussy. It is a magnificent one too: Stretchy and tender, and yet tight once you are in. Don't forget to lube up with Ruri's love juices, included for your personal pleasure.

Virtual Onahole 2 Ruri Shiratori DVD Set

The Virtual Onahole 2 Ruri Shiratori DVD Set features:

  • Porn DVD with Ruri Shiratori (120 mins) (Region Free, NTSC)
  • Ruri Shiratori porn star clone masturbator (length: about 110mm, 4.3")
  • Ruri Shiratori love juice lotion (20ml, 0.7 fl oz)
  • Non-air-release hole type masturbator

€ 28

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